U14 Co-ed (2009/2010), 2022-2023 (NHSC)

This League is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Mon, Apr 03
Mon, Mar 20
TeamGPWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Last 10StreakLast Game
T2-Peddle Renovations1100351+40.8331-0-0WON 1vs. T1-Marian's Bookeeping, 1-5 (W)
T4-All Star Trophies & Designs1100331+20.7501-0-0WON 1vs. T6-NHSC Kickers, 1-3 (W)
T6-NHSC Kickers1010013-20.2500-1-0LOST 1@ T4-All Star Trophies & Designs, 1-3 (L)
T1-Marian's Bookeeping1010015-40.1670-1-0LOST 1@ T2-Peddle Renovations, 1-5 (L)
T3-Floreanni O'Toole Dool Tin Grins000000000.0000-0-0-(no scores recorded)
T5-Grand Gardens000000000.0000-0-0-(no scores recorded)
Regular Season
TeamGPWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Last 10StreakLast Game
T4-All Star Trophies & Designs171124377542+330.6419-0-1WON 3@ T5-Grand Gardens, 8-2 (W)
T2-Peddle Renovations171025356433+310.6607-1-2WON 2vs. T6-NHSC Kickers, 1-5 (W)
T3-Floreanni O'Toole Dool Tin Grins17863275452+20.5094-3-3WON 1@ T1-Marian's Bookeeping, 2-0 (W)
T1-Marian's Bookeeping17674224448-40.4781-7-2LOST 2vs. T3-Floreanni O'Toole Dool Tin Grins, 2-0 (L)
T5-Grand Gardens173113123565-300.3501-7-2LOST 2vs. T4-All Star Trophies & Designs, 8-2 (L)
T6-NHSC Kickers17212393365-320.3372-6-2LOST 1@ T2-Peddle Renovations, 1-5 (L)