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Coaching Certification

Coach Requirements Commencing Season of 2023/24

To clarify Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer's new coaching requirements for the 2023/24 season and for future seasons. 

Click Here to access the guide outlining the requirments for coaches in the "Community" stream formerly known as house league. 

Below are some highlights from this guide as well as instructions for obtaining a Police Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screen, which is not outlined in the guide.


Police Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screen:

  • In the past, Clubs would choose how to designate their coaches based on the competition level, age of players and risk.
  • With Canada's Safe Sport, all coaches must have a criminal record check with vulnerable sector screen.
  • Clubs can choose how many years between screening (every year, every two years, every three years etc.). The seasons that checks are not completed, it is best practice to have the coaches sign a form attesting that they have not had any new occurrences since their most recent official check.
  • A Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) can be done online through Sault Ste. Marie Police Services at a cost of $15 + $9.95 processing/authentication fee which will be reimbursed to you by NHSC. It can be obtained by clicking on the link to the following website:
  • Once obtained, please forward a copy of the check along with the receipt to [email protected]
  • If you already have a Criminal Reference Check or have completed a Offence Declaration through your employment or any other organization, you will NOT be required to do it again in order to coach a team in our club.

Mandatory Requirements for U6-U18 House league Programs:

  1. Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Check (See instructions above)
  2. Respect in Sport for Acitivity Leaders (Click Here to register)
  3. Coaching Soccer in Canada ( An introductory module that coaches access as part of the Online Theory Component of any of the Grassroots Coach Education (GCE) courses (i.e.: FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Soccer for Life). For more information click on links in table below.

Any expenses incurred by coaches between August 1st and the start of the indoor season in order to meet these requirements will be fully reimbursed by the club.

Grassroots Coach Education (GCE) Courses

Coaches are often responsible for the first initiation of the development of the young players within the Club. Long Term Player Development begins with the first kick of a soccer ball.


To register for one of the Grassroots Coach Education (GCE) courses, click on the Ontario Soccer Course Links (contained within the table). The link will direct the Coach to the Ontario Soccer Coach Course details. 

As stated in the Canada Soccer Modified Safe Sport Roster, “Community” stream coaches only need to complete the Coaching Soccer in Canada Module: essentially, only the first third of a Grassroots Coach Education (GCE) workshop.


Age Group

Ontario Soccer Course

(click link for full course information)

U6 - U8 Mini Soccer


U9 - U12 Development Soccer

Learn To Train

U13+  HL Soccer

Soccer For Life